Since the dawn of electricity, lamps of all kinds have found their place in just about every kind of room you can foresee. Emerging in all types, shapes, sizes, and forms, there are certain lamps that are more suitable for the living room than others.

From bronze finished bases to hanging crystal chandelier’s, the variety and choices when it comes to living room lamps are perpetual. We’ve decided to help ease the decision making process by providing you with what we found to be this year’s top ten contending table lamps for the living room.

Amassing table lamps with as much diversity and assortments as possible, we hope this list finds you and your living room well, in hopes of you having discovered that gorgeous living room lamp you’ve been searching for all along!

10. Creative Motion White Base Resin Table Lamp

This simple looking lamp goes great with the right living room furniture. The lamps base is made of a material called resin that almost looks a bit like ceramic and is covered by a nice blue fabric shade.

The lamp stands fairly high at 22” in height and works best with a compact fluorescent 40 watt light bulb. Whether it’s for a table or stand in your living room, the Creative Motion table lamp looks great in both the traditional and modern home.

Creative Motion Lamp

9. ZEEFO Simple Table Lamp

This beautifully looking minimalist lamp by ZEEFO offers something simple, but unique. This lamp is different than most in the fact that the shade completely covers the lamp and extends down to its base. If you’re looking for something that emits a dimmer light, then you’ll love this Japanese-styled lamp, perfect for both the bedroom and living room.

The simple ZEEFO table lamp can further be described as having a square linen shade and a wooden base. The so-called “paper” lantern looks great in just about any setting, providing your room with both a traditional but contemporary look.

ZEEFO Table Lamp

8. Exeter Bronze Table Lamp

The two Exeter table lamps comprise a very traditional, but beautiful lamp set. They have amazing marksmanship and stand very narrow and tall at almost 30”. Whether you’re using them on your nightstands or living room tables, the Exeter Bronze Table Lamp set has a traditional sense of elegance with the use of its bronze and wood tone finish.

The table lamps themselves work best when used with a 72-watt halogen light bulb, emitting a wonderful sense of brightness to the room. The Exeter Bronze Table Lamps tends to go best with the traditional set of wooden furniture, as a result of its bronze finish.

Exeter Bronze Lamp

7. Park Madison Lighting Table Lamp Set

Prefer something more contemporary? Take a look at Park Madison’s Table Lamp Set. This amazingly beautiful set utilizes a crystal glass design, shadowed by its handcrafted white shades. The lamps have a polished nickel finish and stand at over 26” tall, making it perfect for the more contemporary living room.

The double table lamp set uses a 3-way switch and works best with a 100-watt 3-way bulb. One word that could describe the Park Madison Table Lamp is stunning. The white shades, crystal glass design, and polish nickel finished base perfectly complement each other. If you’re truly looking for a contemporary design, then consider the Park Madison Table Lamp Set.

Park Madison Table Lamp

6. Elegant Designs LT1025 Table Lamp

These sophisticated and elegantly designed genuine leather table lamps are some of today’s most popular and favorite lamps. More good looking than its price, the Elegant Design Table Lamp is available in an array of colors so you can perfectly match your living room or bedroom. Its rectangular, but vertical base gives the lamp a much more tall and modern appeal.

Standing at 21” in height, this table lamp stands out wonderfully in the modern home. The table lamp uses a simple 60W type A medium based bulb for convenience. If you’re looking for sophistication, modernity, and versatility in one, then consider this elegantly, genuine-leather made table lamp. Available in array of colors including black, beige, green, grey, purple, red, tan, teal, white, and espresso brown!

Elegant Designs Lamp

5. Tremont Bronze Iron Table Lamp

If you love shows and settings like The Game Of Thrones, you’ll love this Bronze Iron Table Lamp. Traditional, but modern in every sense of the word, the bronze finish coupled with its beautiful and elegantly unique design truly makes this table lamp stand out.

On the other hand, it’s the simplicity of the Tremont Bronze Iron Table Lamp that allows it to emit its true beauty. The small and conservative shade, made of a unique burlap fabric is held on by a multi-arm support, giving it a vibe you don’t typically see or feel with other living room lamps. The lamp stands tall at over 31” tall, has an 18” diameter, takes two 75-watt bulbs, and is perfect for mid-evil enthusiasts!

Tremont Bronze Iron Table

4. Modern Crystal Chandelier Table Lamp

On the other side of the spectrum, we have a more contemporary lamp defined by its chrome plated medal base and hanging crystal chandelier. It emits a certain vibe of elegance, that depending on your preference, you may or may not like.

If you need a lamp that has a bit more ‘flash, then this modern crystal chandelier is for you. It shines in just about every aspect and emits a bit more of a feminine vibe but is sure to be loved by any person or gender. The light of the lamp truly lets the crystal chandelier shine. Standing at 30” in height, the modern crystal chandelier is a perfect choice for the bedroom or living room.

Crystal Chandelier Table Lamp

3. Serena D’italia Table Lamp

If you have an affinity for Tiffany Style Table Lamps, then look at Serena D’Italia’s contemporary, stained glass lamp. Many features help define this lamp and make it the truly beautiful and elegant lamp that it is. Its first defining and noticeable feature is its diamond patterned stained glass used to elegantly shade the bulb of the lamp, rather than a cloth.

The lamp gives off a Victorian Flair and style, giving off its contemporary vibe. A double pull chain on either side makes turning the lamp on and off very easy. The lamp is further defined by its rustic stand up base, standing up to 20” tall. Though smaller in height, the Serena D’italia table lamp is one that stands out and shines with extravagance.

Serena D'italia Table Lamp

2. Franklin Iron Works Wrought Iron Table Lamp

If you just can’t get enough of today’s Tiffany Styled lamps, then you have to see this one by Franklin Iron Works. It’s a lamp beautiful from top to bottom and emits near perfection with its remarkable marksmanship. The design of its freestanding base really speaks to the lamps modernity, topped by its Tiffany Style stained glass.

The geometrically designed base is wonderfully done with its wrought iron bronze finish and gold finished edging. Similar to the Serena D’italia, the lamp is turned on with two pull-style chains on both side of the bulb. Standing at over 26” high, there’s no denying the true beauty and result of Franklin’s Wrought Iron Table Lamp.

Franklin Iron Wrought Table Lamp

1. Safavieh Lighting Collection Set

The glazed ceramics on the Safavieh table lamp set gives it a very unique and modernly designed architecture. It’s a lamp that is fashionable in many respects and speaks to all types of personalities. Unlike many of the lamps we’ve reviewed in this list, there is a feel of simplicity here, but also a feel of modern and mid-century elegance with the Safavieh.

For the contemporary, or average American home, the Safavieh comfortably finds its space in the modern living room. With over 10 various colors to choose from and a lamp that doesn’t sway too much towards the traditional or contemporary, places this beautiful two-piece lamp set first on our list.

Safavieh Table Lamps