When it comes to picking out your electronic cutting machine, there are a few factors we need to consider. The first question we need to ask is, what are their technological capabilities?

New features like Bluetooth, PC/Mac compatibility, USB ports, LCD touch screens and displays, as well as software device all play an important role when choosing the right device.

The software of the cutting machine is one of the most critical aspects because choosing the right device will give you so much room when performing new and creative designs.

Cricut’s Design Space software for example, gives you access to over 3,000 types of projects giving you plenty of room for exploration and new projects, thus placing the device high on our list.

The second thing we want to consider is the type of fabrics each machine can cut. If we look at the very first option of our list, we’ll see that this cutter is only capable of cutting foam, while other choices like the Silhouette Cameo is capable of cutting over 100 different kinds of material.

In our list, we made sure to add cutting machines of all types, sizes, and capabilities, and we hope it helps you find a cutting machine you‘ll never let go of!

10. GoChange Foam Cutter Electric

If you love cutting foam and prefer nothing but a handheld electric cutting pen, then this is the tool for you. The foam cutter allows you to cut materials like Polystyrene foam and other similar materials for your at-home DIY projects.

Within just ten seconds, the foam cutter reaches 200 degrees Celsius making this the ideal cutter for on-the-go projects. The 10 CM Styrofoam cutting pen will allow you to cut through foam as neatly and precisely as possible and is powered by a 15W or 100 to 240 volt outlet connection.

GoChange Electronic Cutter

9. Xyron Wishblade Digital Cutter

This particular electric cutter includes technology that is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Mac’s operating system.

The cutter includes a cutting mat and blade pack for helping you achieve better cutting precision, as well as a USB cable and power cord for connecting your cutter. It’s capable of cutting various fonts and shapes from .5” to 8” wide and up to 39” in length.

With the Xyron Wishblade, you’ll be given access to their Create and Cut software and Standard Wishblade Software used for printing. The machine comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is a pretty good choice for those just starting out with DIY projects.

Xyron Wishblade Cutter

8. Cricuit Mini Cutting Machine

If you’re looking for small, simple, and portable, then consider the Cricut Mini, designed to be lightweight and giving you the quietest and most precise cutting technology possible.

Its cartridge port allows you to cut directly from your cartridge. You can even adjust the cutter to cut at different depths and thickness by simply turning a dial. With the Cricuit Mini, you’ll be able to cut just as many kinds of materials as higher end machines.

These include paper, cardstock, vinyl fabric and so much more. Cut sizes can range anywhere from .25” to 11.5”. Upon purchase, you’re also given access to the Cricuit image library, craft room design software, and Circuit project center, allowing you to use multiple fonts, phrases, and digital images for your own personalized projects.

Despite the smaller nature of this cutting machine, it has many awesome DIY capabilities that are likely worth your attention.

Cricut Mini

7. Silhouette Portrait

If you’re looking for a simple, but very well done and effective electronic cutting machine, then you’ll love the Silhouette Portrait.

Despite the absence of a touch-screen display, this machine is still very functional and can cut materials like paper, card stock, fabric, vellum, magnet paper, and much more.

With PC and Mac compatibility and access to over 50 exclusive designs, the Silhouette Portrait is a great tool for completing all kinds of DIY projects.

Similar to most cutting machines, there is no need for cartridges, inks, or dies. The machine has an 8-inch cutting width and is perfect for precision cutting.

Silhouette Portrait Cutter

6. Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

As one of today’s top feature-filled cutting machines, the Cricuit Explore Air excels on many levels. Perfect for DIY crafts and projects, this machine is especially great for cutting thick materials like poster board, felt, canvas, leather, and more.

The machine even comes with its own set of tools, so you’re not left hanging when it comes to completing one of your many DIY projects. These tools include your own scissors, scraper, spatula, weeder, and tweezers; a few tools you just can’t get enough of.

With the Cricuit Air, you’ll be able to create extremely professional and personalized projects like invitations, banners, vinyl, menus, napkins, and more.

The Cricuit Explore Air can be described as the end all, be all of DIY projects. Its wireless connectivity and elaborate Cricuit Design Space software gives you access to more than 50,000 fonts, images, and projects to choose from.

You can even decide to upload and use your own. One of its main disadvantages however, is that it can only print at 100 DPI, which could be considered to be a fairly low resolution whereas the Brother ScanNCut prints and cuts at 300 DPI.

Cricut Air Cutting Machine

5. Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2

This electronic cutter by Brother Sewing resembles a printer in many ways, but is a thousand times more unique when it comes to creating your own projects.

One of its most standout features is its large 4.85” LCD touch screen display. The ScanNCut 2 comes pre-loaded with over 600 templates and designs with 7 different fonts to choose from.

The 300 DPI built-in scanner further allows you to create your own cut files, while using advanced features like enhanced scanning for better color recognition.

Its WIFI connectivity and two USB ports for PC connection and media will allow you to store and transfer files with ease.

When it comes to the application itself for editing and designing your cutouts, you’ll be using the ScanNCut Canvas, which can normally be found at their main website. This application is completely free to use and allows you to save all your projects to the cloud.

Brother CM350 Cutting Machine

4. Janome Artisic Edge Digital Cutter

This is an amazing cutting machine for the true artist at heart. It’s very well made and is constructed with a premium high-quality aluminum body, LED lights, fine tuning blade holder, and laser point alignment for very precise cutting.

It’s possibly one of our favorite-looking electric cutters on this list. Not to mention the cutter has infinite possibilities including access to 3,500 DIY designs and the ability to import or create your own artwork and custom shapes.

A number of accessories are also included with the Janome Digital Cutter such as a 12” x 12” low tack and high tack cutting mats, blade holder, two hexagon wrenches, a fabric cutting blade, standard cutting blade, thick cutting blade, pen holder, two pens, access to their SimpleCut Software, and a USB cord.

The Janome further has a max cutting speed of 600 mm per second and cutting pressure of 750g. One drawback to consider with the Janome Artistic Edge is that the machine has a higher than average learning curve, so it might not be the best option for DIY beginners!

Janome Artistic Edge

3. Silhouette Cameo – Starter Bundle

One of today’s most stylish and innovative electronic cutting machines is the Silhouette Cameo, which is perfect for cutting materials like vinyl, card stock, paper, and fabric.

In total the Silhouette Cameo is capable of cutting over 100 kinds of material. This is a machine that is capable of handling an endless number of DIY projects. Some examples include creating custom clothes, quilts, 3D prototypes, car decals, cutting fabric, and more.

When it comes to its technological capabilities, the cameo is compatible with both PCs and Mac’s. It comes with a full color LCD touch screen, built-in cross cutter, and USB port for cutting saved files.

You’ll also be given access to the Silhouette Studio app, allowing you to create and save your own personal designs and creations with your own fonts and images.

The Cameo comes with a 12” cutting mat, cutting blade, and 100 pre-loaded designs to choose from. It’s no wonder this has become one of the most popular DIY tools today.

Silhouette Cameo Bundle

2. Cricuit Explore Air 2 Machine

The Explore Air 2 greatly builds and improves upon previous models with nearly double the amount of cutting speed!

This machine allows you to create DIY projects quickly and on-the-go with access to over 3,000 selectable projects. With the Explore Air 2, you’ll be able to create projects from your own PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone and even has Bluetooth capability for wireless cutting.

The machine is further capable of cutting over 100 materials and has a Smart Set dial, easily allowing you to tell the machine what kind of material it’s cutting.

As one of this year’s be all, end all machines for DIY projects, the Cricut Explore Air 2 is highly sophisticated, giving you an infinite number of capabilities when it comes to creating and personalizing your own projects.

As Circuit likes to say – click, cut and done!

Cricut Explore Air 2

1. Silhouette America Cameo 2

The Cameo 2 might just be considered as one of today’s ultimate DIY electric cutters. Sure, there’s the Cameo 3 that recently came out, which has two main differences – the use of an automatic blade and Bluetooth capability.

If these two features are important to you, then definitely go with the Cameo 3. Otherwise, we found this Cameo 2 starter bundle with all the necessary accessories to be simply perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

There’s a reason why Cameo is loved so much in the world of DIY projects and a lot of that can be contributed to its amazingly powerful and useful Silhouette Studio Software.

With the Cameo 2 and 3, you’re given so much flexibility when it comes to creating and personalizing your own projects. The Cameo can be plugged into your PC or Mac and allows you to print over 100 kinds of material that is 12” wide by up to 10 feet in length. The Cameo 2 is further capable of cutting and even creating sketches when you use a pen instead of blade.

This particular bundle further comes with all the accessories you need to get started including 4 sheets of premium vinyl, 10-feet of premium transfer paper, vinyl starter kit idea-book, instruction guide & DVD, Pixscan mat, 12” x 12” cutting mat, and a 24 piece pen set.

It even comes with an abundance of tools such as a cutting blade, vinyl trimmer blade, pick-me-up pen, hook & spatula tools, micro-fiber cloth, ruler for measuring, and scraper.

Talk about value.. Though similar in nature to the Cricut Explore Air 2, we just loved the extremely innovative but simple design in the Silhouette Cameo 2 and most importantly its ease of use and lasting reliability.

Both options are nonetheless, excellent!

Silhoutte Cameo 2